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Metal curtains

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ARTICLES of LINKS of the CURTAINS (in Particular gate)






 принцип стыковки.jpg

We offer metal links from which to produce flexible, durable, metal curtains of any length and width.

The principle of articulation of the curtains shown in Figure 2.

Such curtains can be used as doors for warehouses

To close the access to the premises or their areas.

Reliable and solid shutters for Windows and doors

It is intended for protection of hazardous industrial equipment (shot-blasters, baths with aggressive (thermal radiation, harmful gas emissions) contents)

For locking-in of transport into the factory.

Compact replace sash and sliding doors.

The drive of the lifting mechanism and lowering low-capacity motors with gearboxes.

Possible manual transmission with a key and a gearbox.

Possible to install touch control from the remote.

Curtains made of specially profiled metal plates made of cold-rolled strips SS 08 M TS-2-1,5х130 GOST 503-81. Weight of 1 running meter=1,532 lbs. On the tape there is a certificate of quality.

The cross section of the link of the curtains shown in Figure 1.


Звено шторы с размерами.jpg

Curtains are quite durable and provide accessibility in close quarters.

At the same time they are easy to open if necessary carrying out any operations (loading-unloading technological equipment, access to premises, warehouses, etc.).On Customer request the units of curtains can be made of stainless steel or other material capable of cold deformation.

Our specialists are ready to develop project documentation, produce the curtains according to the individual wishes of the Customer, install at the Customer premises and taking on permanent service






The principle of the winding of the curtains a length of 10 meters is shown in figure 3. Turns out the coil with a diameter of 500 mm, under the condition of winding of the curtain on shaft pipe DN 159 mm

The curtains go to the P shaped metal troughs whose role is performed by the usual channels.

                                                                                                 Samples of observed units is shown in figure 4Намотанная и размотанная.jpg

образцы профилей.jpg

The curtains in the assembled condition shown in figure 5.

Шторы в сборе 

Ready for shipment Packed chains of curtains of different lengths shown in the picture below

звенья штор готовые к отгрузке.jpg

in addition, yoga, like profile mo

may be used as an impenetrable fence or the edges of lawns and flower beds anyone, including non-standard forms. The profile is put on a profile and thus formiruetsya originalnoe fencing of any height and Ishiba.

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An example of the work of the gate of our links curtains

The guide, which goes blind

The gate opens

The gates from the inside


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