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The company DooVac founded in 1990 the Main activity of the company: vacuum and compressor equipment.

DooVAC offers the most advanced vacuum pumps, which were used their own patented technology. Continuous research activity and the improvement over the last twenty years currently create new applications and innovative products. In the field of air, our vacuum pumps and compressors are recognized as having the best performance and technology, we establish a solid position as the leading company in vacuum industry.

DooVAC was the continuation of innovations and dedications to customers, but is not limited to the Korean market.

DooVAC acquired the ISO certificate vacuum pumps, compressors, spare parts and accessories in Europe, Asia, Canada and North and South America, cope with the requirements in these areas.


Now DooVAC grew up in as the main supplier of vacuum solutions in the global market. First of all, the basis of the vacuum industry, vacuum DooVAC in pumps and compressors leading the market with their better performance and technology. dooVAC will do everything possible to continue efforts to develop new applications through continuous development of new technologies, and without a solution in confined areas.constant research and improvement DooVAC will be integrated with innovative products for you.


International service centres coordinate all Vacuum service activities dooVAC

Services Our goal is to offer you a service that meets your expectations. Our ability to anticipate and meet their growing needs in the future supports your processes.

If you are an end user of our products or OEM - vacuum technology or an integrated system or should be maintained in the installed base. We look forward to working with You.


                                                         Service center DOOVAC

NPP "SPLAV" is the only official service center of the company DOOVAC on the territory of Russia and CIS. Repairs, warranty and post-warranty service of equipment is performed by highly qualified specialists trained in Russia and Korea. Currently in stock NPP SPLAV is a wide range of spare parts for vacuum equipment company DOOVAC, which eliminates the possibility of downtime – any problems in the system are eliminated in a short time.



         The history of the company DOOVAC

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                                        Production line of vacuum equipment      









 Vacuum tank          system

             MVO 400.630   MVO   MVO 064.101

                   MBO 400/630                    MBO 160/200/250/300                  MVO 064/101

         0.5 mbar 400/630 m3/h     0.5 mbar 160/200/250/300 m3/h   0.5 mbar 63/100 m3/h

             MVO 031.041   MVO 010.020   MVO 008.016

                     MBO 031/041                         MBO 010/020                         MBO 008/016

                 0.5 mbar 30/40 m3/h         0.5/2.0 mbar 10/20 m3/h      0.5/2.0 mbar 8/16 m3/h

             MVO 006       SVO 060.100     SML 280

                       MBO 006                                   SVO 060/100                            SML 280

                   0.5 mbar 6 m3/h                       2.0 mbar 60/100 L min      660 mm Hg.St. 280 L min

           SML 140        SML 120       SML 030 060                   

                     SML 140                                           SML 120                               SML 030/060

        660 mm Hg.St.  140 L min            660 mm Hg.St. 120 L min      580 mm Rt.ст. 30/60 Lmin 


           DWV     DWV 400      DEN 400

               DWV 550/10H/15H/27H                    DWV 400                          DEN 400

  730 mm Hg.St. 550/1000/1500/2700   680 mm Hg.St. 400 L min   680 mm Hg.St. 400 L min

                                  L min

          SYSDEN       ЛОР 070      Вакуумный бак системы   

               SYSDEN  400                                    ЛОР 070                          Vacuum tank system

          680 mm Hg.St. 800 L min             700 mm Hg.St. 70 Lmin             


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