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Ремонт пластинчато-роторных вакуумных насосов BUSCH

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Repair and restoration to factory default technical specifications vacuum rotary vane pumps BUSCH

Rotary vane pumps series R5 (RA, RB, PB, RB, KB) of the German company Busch allow you to create a relatively high vacuum in closed vessels and contours (up to 0.1 mbar residual pressure) and have a maximum capacity of 4 to 1600 m3/h depending on the model. Despite the fairly high price it one of the most popular vacuum pumps in the world. At the time of the appearance on the market it was the world's first single-stage rotary vane pumps, which allows to create vacuum up to 0.1 mbar 0.5 mbar against the competition.Series R5 was a role model for many other manufacturers. Today, many other companies have learned to do single-stage rotary vane pumps with a depth of vacuum to 0.1 mbar, but the series Busch R5 still remains one of the benchmarks of the class. In the world at one time are in operation 2.5 million pumps Busch R5 - an incredible record for a line of specialized industrial vacuum pumps.

 Transcript of marking Mesopotamia vane vacuum pumps Busch R5

All Mesopotamia Busch vacuum pumps are designated by two letters (RA, RB, PB, KB). The first letter means the type of construction, and the second depth of the vacuum. For example, decipher the marks of the pump RA 0010 C:

R - coupled pump design. The first letter of the name can be P (monoblock design with small expense) or K (close-coupled design with an average consumption).

A - model high vacuum of 0.5 mbar (for models up to 16 m3/h inclusive) or 0.1 mbar (for models 25 m3/h and above). The second letter of the name could be B (vacuum 1 or 2 mbar).

0010 - nominal capacity 10 m3/h.

 буш фото

PB 0004 В    RB 0006 С   PB 0008 B

 буш фото 2

KB 0010 E    RA 0010 C    KB 0016 E  RA 0016 C  RB 0021 C  KB 0020 D  RA 0025 F  KB 0025 F

 буш фото 3

RA 0040 F     KB 0040 D    RA 0063 F    RA 0100 F   RA 155 A    RA 0160 D   RA 0165 D

 буш фото 4

RA 0202 D     RA 0205 D  RA 0250 D   RA 0255 D   RA 0302 D     RA 0305 D

 буш фото 5

RA 0400 B    RA 0502 B    RA 0630 B     RA 1000 B     RA 1600 B

The specialists of our enterprise "SPLAV" will perform a quality repair in a short time, vosstanovyat passport factory technical charcateristic BUSCH vacuum pumps all sizes, will produce commissioning work.

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