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Ремонт плунжерных вакуумных насосов KINNEY

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Piston vacuum pumps KINNEY KT LP. 


Piston vacuum pumps KINNEY KT LP is designed for pumping air, non-corrosive gases and gas-vapor mixtures, previously cleared from condensed moisture and mechanical impurities in the ambient temperature from 10° C to 35° C., and to create a preliminary vacuum (100-200 mbar) to high vacuum installations.

Piston vacuum pumps KINNEY KT LP. 



- ultra-Compact design;
- Maximum speed of action is maintained until a residual pressure of 130 PA; 
- the Ability to control residual pressure of 1.3 to 1,3x104 PA; 
- Ability to work with gas mixtures; 
In the design there is no contact metal to metal; 
- Forced cleaning of the oil ensures durable performance; 
- does Not require installation of the Foundation; 
- the bellows does Not require nodes to communicate with other pumps and devices. 
- three-plunger-device ensures quiet operation without vibration; 
- control System of water, oil, working environment.


There are different varieties of models.

The so-called Asian, American, European options. Pumps are relatively cheap and unpretentious work.

The proposed overhaul of pumps all models. Operational (10 -20 days) supply of spare parts. Order ZIP need professional diagnostics of the pump, because the number of different spare part kit includes 30 pieces and are it is much different. Some things we learned to do it themselves. Know what need the mechanical seal, bearings. The photos below received a repair pump KINNEY KT-300 with the typical faults:

        Кинней Кинней 2 Кинней 3 
       Кинней 4  Кинней 5  Кинней 6


                        Here is the same pump after repairs are ready for shipment to the customer

                             Кинней 7 Кинней 8 Кинней 9      

The specialists of our enterprise "SPLAV" will perform a quality repair in a short time, vosstanovyat passport factory technical charcateristic Kinney vacuum pumps of all sizes, will produce commissioning work.

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