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Repair vacuum pumps AVZ

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Spool plunger pumps in the CIS is represented mainly by pumps AVZ and NSL production of JSC "Nasosenergomash", Sumy, Ukraine. Pumps are not fastidious in operation and service, but require certain skills to operate and vacuum sobljudeny elementary rules of hygiene. Pumps with a nominal working pressure of 150 mm RT.St. Run them neposredstvenno with atmospheric pressure it is recommended that only via a throttling by-pass valve and only upon reaching the amount of vacuum pressure of about 150 mm of mercury.St. fully open the stop valve on the inlet of the pump.To avoid excessive condensation atmosfernoi of moisture in the oil pump, almost on all models installed gazoballonnyj device. A graph of the performance of the pressure for all pump models AVZ and NSL consolidated into one table. More details can be found in the instructions for ekspluatacii on these pumps.

АВЗ таблица

Repair vacuum pumps AVZ line will consist mainly in replacing the valves, seals, sleeves, bearings and, most importantly, the cast is not a secret table sizes in line with the norm

                  Ремонт АВЗ рис. Ремонт АВЗ 2 рис.


                ремонт авз   1 Ремонт АВЗ 1.  Ремонт АВЗ 6.




Our experts will perform repairs of vacuum pumps of all types AVZ-20D, 63Д, 90, 125D, 180, will produce a eliminating jams, shaft replacement, valves, plungers, eccentric vosstanovyat original factory passport technical characteristics of the pump will restore even a dead pump for many years stood on the street and neblagopriyatnykh exposed to atmospheric and weather conditions. Standard warranty 1 year under condition of compliance with the rules in the documentation.

After-sales service and support. Equipment with by-pass valves, providing higher differential pressures. Advice on the use of pumps in different technologies.

All refurbished equipment is given garntia and the possibility of servisnogo support.


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