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Repair of vacuum equipment

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     Vacuum equipment


In addition to the vacuum pumps that create a vacuum directly in some finite limited volume, there are a variety of tools that allow you to switch vacuum pumps in different combinations (vacuum system), monitor, protect vacuum pumps to find the fault.

For connection of vacuum pumps with vakuumiruemoy volume and switching in complex vacuum systems have special valves. This vacuum valves, valves and valves, nakatali with manual actuator and with an Electromechanical, electromagnetic, pneumatic or a combination.

To protect expensive vacuum pumps used vacuum filters of various designs.

For condensation or other technological sublimate generated in Vakuummash volumes applied vacuum trap with water or cryogenic cooling. Such traps can also be called a kind of sorption pumps.

To measure the degree of vacuum applied instrumentation equipment different principles of action. Analog, capacitive, thermocouple, strain gauges.

Accumulation vacuum, in some cases, used vacuum receivers of different capacities.

To search for leaks in vakuumatorom volume, vacuum pumps and complex vacuum systems use detectors, again, different principles of action. Ultrasonic, halogen, helium.

For measuring performance vacuum pumps and vacuum systems, there are special standsdeveloped under individual tasks, depending on the information you need to.

For monitoring vacuum systems and expensive equipment in them there are incoming monitoring systems both local and remote. Such systems are customized and allow you to control the equipment remotely.

Our company "SPLAV" will perform the repair of any vacuum equipment. Guaranteed high quality.

We provide

        Repair vacuum shut-off valves

        Repair of control and measuring vacuum devices

         The manufacturing of test bench for vacuum pumps and vacuum systems







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