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Repair of vacuum pumps

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If you look on this page, you probably know what a vacuum pump.

Acquisition, maintenance and service of vacuum equipment is rather expensive. Therefore, it becomes very relevant for such a time as repair of vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps – this is our job.

No matter is a milking machine, a vacuum oven or stand to simulate outer space. In all these cases, the need for qualified personnel in the repair of vacuum pumps and other vacuum equipment.

Company NPP "SPLAV" specializes on the repair of all vacuum pumps and equipment

both domestic and imported.

We repair all types of vacuum pumps, namely, water-ringthe spool-pistontwo-rotorscrew,rotary vane, promyslennye - diffusion .

 Unfortunately, the market supply of vacuum equipment of the Russian manufacture is represented in more than sorrow, so we focus on the repair of imported vacuum pumps

 We carry out overhaul of vacuum pumps with full restoration of their technical characteristics, with subsequent warranty and post-warranty servicing.


Repair accepted:

 pumps of all types AVZ, NVZ, DVN, HBP, BBH, NVDM, NUBM, (CIS), RLP, SZO (Czech Republic, Slovakia), SiHi (Germany), Leybold (Germany), Elmo Rietschle (Germany) Becker (Germany), Edwards (UK-Sweden), Siemens (Germany, China), VALUE (China), Kinney (USA, China), Pneumofore (Italy), dooVAC (Korea) and others.


After repair the pump being mandatory acceptance testing for residual pressure at our booth. At our stand we will be able to test any pumps without performing a special Foundation. For this purpose 8-ton cast-iron plate with T-slots. The tests shall be performed with gauges W-3, 13ВТ3-003, LEYDOLD with the appropriate sensors. Or devices of the Customer, before agreeing on the mounting size of the sensor.

We also offer:

Providing for repair replacement pump with similar characteristics in order to avoid breaks in the process.

 The making of working documentation on any node or part of the repair of the pump.

 Audit Park vacuum pumps Customer with recommendations.

 The integration of modern vacuum technology in the old vacuum system and Vice versa.

 Service vacuum pumps.

 Organization of remote monitoring of expensive vacuum pumps.

 Manufacturer of vacuum pumps ВВН2-50, DVN-5000.

 The manufacture or supply of spare parts for the entire range of vacuum pumps.

 Overhaul of ink-jet Steam oil and diffusion vacuum pumps NVBM, NVDM and others, including import.

 We should also mention the jet steam jet vacuum pumps.

 All repaired equipment is under warranty. It is also possible after-sales service support. 



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