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Repair vacuum pumps DVN

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The specialists of our enterprise "SPLAV" will perform a quality repair in a short time, vosstanovyat passport factory technical charcateristic vacuum pumps ROOTS type DVN all sizes, will produce commissioning work.

RF vacuum pumps ROOTS type is represented by only three models.

DVN-50, DVN-150 production of VAKMA, Kazan.



ДВНДВН - 150


таблица ДВН

             Below is a collage of photo repair DVN-150 at various stages

  Ремонт ДВН-150Ремонт ДВН-150 1.Ремонт ДВН - 150 2.  Ремонт ДВН-150 3.Ремонт ДВН-150 4.Ремонт ДВН-150 5.Ремонт ДВН-150 6.

                                            Ремонт ДВН-150 7.Ремонт ДВН - 150  8.


DVN-5000 ( was developed, manufactured and has been successfully tested only one industrial instance) produced by the NPP ALLOY, Verkhnaya Salda.

ДВН-5000ДВН-5000  1.


                            Below shows the process of manufacturing parts

         ДВН детали.ДВН детали 1.ДВН дтали 2.


                                              and Assembly of the pump DVN-5000

  ДВН сборка 1.ДВН сборка 2.ДВН сборка 3.ДВН сборка 4. 

        ДВН сборка 5.ДВН сборка 6.


The most common on the territory of the former USSR pumps ROOTS type 2ДВН-500 and 2ДВН-1500 production of JSC "MELKOM", Melitopol, Ukraine. Pumps DVN-500 and DVN-1500 differ only in the length of the housings and rotors. Otherwise they consist of the same parts

Photo repair pumps 2ДВН-500 DVN-1500 are presented below.

Here in this form pumps come in for repair

              Насосы подлежат ремонтуНасосы подлежат ремонту 1.Насосы подлежат ремонту 2.насосы поделжат ремонту 3.


                      Pumps in the process of disassembly, cleaning and repair

                    Насосы в процессе раборки и ремонтанасосы в процессе разборки и ремонта 2.Насосы в процессе раборки и ремонта 3.Насосы в процессе раборки и ремонта 4.


                                       A mandatory balancing of rotors at each overhaul

        Балансировка роторов 1.балансировка роторов 3.балансировка роторов 4. балансировка роторов 6. балансировка роторов 9.


 The pump is sent to us for repair. The pump is dismantled, inspected by a mechanic, the act of these defects. With pump removable cover, shield, gears, gear drive rotor, removed the bearings, driving and driven rotors. After removing all the components, the pump body is subjected to cleaning from the inside.

               балансировка роторов 7.баласнировка роторов 8.

                      Насос демонтируется.Насос демонтируется 1.

The rotors of the pump are washed. Further, the pump rotors are balanced on the machine WM-1000. The imbalance is removed by drilling with a drill bit or excessive weight from the ends of the rotors, see picture.

                            балансировка роторов 5. балансировка роторов 2.

Timing gears are checked for geometry and, with strong wear, they are replaced. The replacement also be bearings, cuffs, and other worn out parts.


Further, the pump is going, exposed timing gears in keeping with the original provisions of the "tooth cavity".

                              Синхронизирующие шестерни


After that, the pump is tested to limit the residual pressure at the stand.

All. Pump repaired.

             насос отремонтированнасос отремонтирован 1.


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