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Vacuum pumps ROOTS type

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Separate type vacuum pumps are Rootsy.

This is double rotor two or three fold pumps. The rotors of the pump rotate towards each other with minimal clearance between the rotors and the pump casing, amounting to a few tenths of a millimeter. Pumps are "dry" or relatively oil-free. The pumps are available in both horizontal and vertical axis pumping.

The heart of the pump are the timing gears, made with high accuracy, durability and sophisticated technology. These gears are made synchronous rotation of the rotors with a complex surface. The rotor geometry can be lobe, the eight-or threefold, which happens rarely. Mostly all the leading manufacturers of Rudow produce pumps doublepositive rotors.



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The rotors of the pumps can reach a weight of up to several hundred pounds. The pumps are designed for high productivity up to 30 000 m3/hour and above and rotation speed of rotors 3000 rpm. Pumps are used as the second stage of evacuation and atmospheric pressure only being equipped with drives with frequency converters. The main indicators of operation of these pumps are a performance compression ratio (the ratio of exit pressure to entrance pressure), and limit the residual pressure. Very often in designs of pumps, internal and external check valves designed to protect pumps from overload.To maintenance, and especially repairs of these pumps can be called only by trained personnel.

Our staff has experience in operation, maintenance and repair of pumps and ROOTS more than 30 years. The rotors of the pumps at each repair operation are balancing on the high-precision balancing machine. Often even disassemble pump is problematic, not to mention how to correctly collect and achieve or passport similar to the passport, characteristics.

We offer quality repair and service all models of pumps ROOTS type the following firms. After repairs, all pumps are bench tests on the residual vacuum.

 Vacuum pumps ROOTS type DVN-DVN and 50-150 production of VAKMA, Kazan, Russia

The most common on the territory of the former USSR pumps ROOTS type 2ДВН-500 and 2ДВН-1500 production of JSC "MELKOM", Melitopol, Ukraine

Vacuum pumps ROOTS type of production LEYBOLD

Vacuum pumps ROOTS type production EDWARDS - Atlas Copco (Velikobritaniya-Sweden)


Vacuum pumps ROOTS type of production CUTES CORPORATION (Taiwan)


Vacuum pumps ROOTS type of production BUSCH series PUMA, PUNDA (Germany)

Vacuum pumps ROOTS type of production PVR (Italy) series HV/BP, ATEX, SM

Vacuum pumps ROOTS type of production Pneumofore series RPP

Vacuum pumps, Pedro Gil RNV

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