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Ремонт вакуумных пластинчато-роторных насосов Pneumofore UVL PVL EU DVD S

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Rotary vane vacuum pumps series UVL, PVL and EU are analogues of domestic pumps HBP and at a reasonable price have a much higher reliability and service life. The UVL series is made on the Italian factory Pneumofore and the PVL series or EU at Italian plant PVR and pumps PVL/EU can also stand and nameplate Pneumofore. These pumps allow to create vacuum up to 0.5 mbar with a capacity from 3 to 1000 m3/hour. 
Vacuum oil pumps UVL
- Vacuum pumps UVL can be used for continuous pumping of inert gases, air or steam (at a temperature in the range from 12Сº to 40Сº) in a closed system of small size. Also, the pump is suitable for continuous operation at an absolute pressure, a pressure in the range from 400 to 0,5 mbar (specific value depends on the model).
Oil pumps have UVL capacity: 3-105 m3/h, with vacuum up to 0.5 mbar.
- The pumps are not suitable for oxygen contaminated, harmful and corrosive gas. For pumping aggressive media are used series pumps VITON equipped with explosion-proof engine and special resistant seal. But before you use this pump, you need to clarify if it is suitable for the pumped medium.
- Blade oil rotary vane vacuum pumps Pneumofore UVL is a simple and convenient system. It can be used as the vacuum source in any situation. High quality materials and perfection of production technologies allow single-stage pumps UVL reach higher levels of performance vacuum. In this characteristic they exceed most products of other manufacturers.
The vacuum pumps PVL/EU
- Pumps PVL/EU have a nominal suction capacity (at frequency 50 Hz) in the range from 12 to 1013 m3/hour . This type of rotary vane pumps can be used only for pumping from the closed containers of air and water vapor in small quantities.
You can also use under constant vacuum, but within
- from 0,5 to 400 mbar (abs.) — for the primary series;
- from 10 to 850 mbar (abs.) for number V.
The suction temperature or the ambient temperature must be between +5°C to +40°C.
If necessary, the pumping of other gases or vapors, before using the pump you should consult a specialist.
If the pumped gas impurities are present explosive atmosphere, it is necessary to use explosion-proof motor, can automatically control the temperature.
- This pump cannot be used for pumping of the following substances:
- Aggressive, flammable and other hazardous vapours or gases;
- Solids or liquids.
Also prohibited the use of exhaust pump to obtain a pressure (including a minor).
Rotary vane pumps with circulating oil lubrication. The motor is joined by means of flexible couplings. Fan and cooler (air / oil) are used for engine cooling. To protect the pump from ingress of solid particles with a diameter greater than 1 mm at the entrance has a special mesh filter.
When you turn off the pump integrated non-return valve prevents the suction line oil. In a box of oil separation has a special built-in system in which accumulate residues of oil mist from exhaust air (the maximum percentage of oil residues in the air was 2.4 mg/m3). After separating this oil returns to the pump automatically. Permanently open gas ballast valve is not allowing the condensation to accumulate inside the pump when pumping small amounts of vapor.



UVL3, UVL 6,UVL12, UVL18, UVL 25,   UVL 40, UVL 60, UVL 105   EU 205,EU 300, EU 750, EU 1000  PVL  400 PVL 540



DB.2D  DC.4D  DC.8D  DC.16D  DC.16D  ATEX  RC.2D  RC.4D  RC.8D  RC.50M


DVP : SA 3 SB 6  SB 10  SB 16  SB 25  SB  40   SC 60 

SC 80   SC  100   SC 140 LC.12 LC.20  LC.25WR  LC.40

The specialists of our enterprise "ALLOY" will perform a quality repair in a short time, will restore factory nameplate specifications of vacuum pumps Pneumofore UVL PVL EU DVD's whole model range, will make commissioning work.

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