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Ремонт водокольцевых насосов SIGMA

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Our company performs high-quality repair of liquid ring vacuum pumps SZO all sizes.  

All pumps repaired by us give a guarantee of 1 year when operated in accordance with the relevant normative documents, and preservation of our warranty seal.

At the request of the Customer acceptance tests are conducted at our stand in the presence of representatives of the Customer. At the request of the Customer acceptance can be produced by TRC of the Customer

Independently deliver the pumps to our repair and back to the Customer.

Acceptance testing at our booth.



On the territory of the former USSR was very popular liquid ring vacuum pumps, production of the former Czechoslovakia SIGMA ZAVADKA. This is a single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps SZO series and RLP.

Pumps are very significantly different, for the better depth of the vacuum and performance of similar sizes produced by the industry of the USSR. For over 30 years our specialists are engaged in the maintenance and repair of these pumps. During this time, has mastered its own production of key parts and components

Liquid ring vacuum pumps constructive number SZO/RLP is a single-stage positive displacement pumps of the action is simple, but very time nadezhnosti having the following properties: environmentally friendly due to their nearly isothermal sealing, free of oil (the working area without lubrication), pump out almost all types of gases and vaporsis withdrawn at the same time liquid, convenient in maintenance and safe operation, noiseless, shakeproof, without touching steel rotating parts.


Pumping and suction of dry and humid gases. At the same time given liquid. Pumps are used in cases when you require reliable vacuum pumps, capable of pumping a pressure of 33 to 900 mbar


Pumping speed: up to 3945 m3/h

Pressure range: 33 to 1013 mbar
shaft Seal: soft gland packing, mechanical seal
Material: cast iron, stainless steel. Steel


Repair accept the following models:



50-SZO-224-45-00, 65-SZO-224-80, 80-SZO-224-125.


100-SZO-224-245-00, 150-SZO-384-290, 200-SZO-500-500, 250-SZO-650-650.


RLP 17/145-01, RLP 20/145-01, RLP 20/98-01, RLP 30/98-01, RLP 35/98-01, RLP 35/73-01, RLP 45/73-01, RLP 52/73-01, RLP 62/73-01.





Following are the various operations and stages of repair of a pump in SZO.


Raspressovki and press-on driving wheels (the wheels from the factory, Turning or replacement to the original distribution of plates, replacement of bearings, valves.

Back up even "dead" for many years stood under the open sky, pump!

It's a warehouse where we store and repair pumps SZO all hipopotasemia, and other vacuum equipment. Taken in repair of pumps of any configuration. Buy original spare parts for pumps. Below is our warehouse.




                                                              Under construction, 200 - SZO

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   ремонт сзо 200   10 ремонт сзо 200  11 ремонт сзо 200 12ремонт сзо 200 13 ремонт сзо 200  14 ремонт сзо 200  15

ремонт сзо 200 16 ремонт сзо 200 17 ремонт сзо 200 18ремонт сзо 200 19


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