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Liquid ring-vacuum pumps

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Idcategoria liquid ring vacuum pumps presents a large range of different brands.

Liquid ring pumps can operate only in non-corrosive environments where the fluid is water.Therefore, when manufactured using conventional structural steel and cast iron.

Idcategoria pumps can operate in aggressive environments. So they have to be made of stainless steel, alloy Hastelloy, titanium (depending on kind of pumped medium).

Pumps work to create a low vacuum oil-free and capable of creating vacuum up to 20 mm RT.St. absolute. This maximum discharge is due to the fact that the working fluid which consists of water or liquid ring under these pressure begins to boil and turns to steam. Therefore, the pump pumps their own pairs and does not produce useful work. The lower the fluid temperature the greater the degree of vacuum the pump can achieve. However, the achievement and work on the ultimate vacuum is detrimental to the pump operation. When the ultimate vacuum the pump is in cavitation mode.I.e. the working fluid at low residual pressure boils and begins the so-called nucleate boiling is the cavitation. This microburst in the formation of air bubbles released from the working fluid. The pump starts to run loud and vibrate. To avoid such working conditions it is necessary to apply the breather tubes, valves automatically open at a specified pressure and prevent operation of the pump in cavitation mode. However, as a rule, such valves are not equipped with pumps.Usually enough natural leaks and leaks in vakuumnogo and vacuum process vessels.

The pumps are both one and two-step. In addition, the pumps can be equipped with air ejectors for greater depth of vacuum. Known one-and two-stage air ejector consoles. Include attachments ejector liquid ring pump can achieve a vacuum depth to 0.7 mm. Hg.St., while maintaining the volume (not to be confused with weight) the capacity of the pump.

Our enterprise works with all models of famous brands gidrostroitelej liquid ring vacuum pumps, namely BBH, SZO, RLP, BUCSH, NASH, SiHi, Robuschi, ERSTEVAK and others.

We can manufacture a new impeller for any pump, the gas distribution plate and other complex repairs. To set the required clearances and to restore the passport's performance and the depth of the vacuum. Perform design documentation for any spare parts for these pumps.

All pumps repaired by us give a guarantee of 1 year when operated in accordance with the relevant normative documents, and preservation of our warranty seal.

At the request of the Customer acceptance tests are conducted at our stand in the presence of representatives of the Customer. At the request of the Customer acceptance can be produced by TRC of the Customer

Independently deliver the pumps to our repair and back to the Customer.


To accept repair of liquid ring vacuum pumps:


                     Elmo Rietschle      ВВН       SZO/RLP     BUSCH     Sterling SIHI        Edwards   


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