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Steam oil diffusion vacuum pumps

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Steam oil diffusion vacuum pumps

The principle of operation of the pump based on the use as a pumping element of the high-speed steam jets. After applying the supply voltage to the heater, the working fluid filled in the housing to boil. Generated steam through the steam line by grabbing and dragging entering through the inlet flange of the gas towards the outlet. A pair of working fluid flowing from the nozzles falling on the water-cooled wall of the housing, congenerous. The condensate flows back into the boiler, and the gas through the outlet is pumped by the roughing pump. Designation: N - pump (A unit); In - vacuum;D - diffusion; M - paramasamy. The numbers after the letters - nominal diameter (mm). Pumps NVDM are not used independently and are part of the units. The unit consists of a pump, nitrogen traps, vacuum shutter, thermostats, frames or plates. In turn, the unit is used in conjunction with a backing pump, which pumps from the outlet discharged working environment together with the pumped gas.Nitrogen trap is designed to prevent the ingress of working fluid vapor from the diffusion pump in the pumped medium by condensing it on the elements wimobaiausy the device, cooled by liquid nitrogen.Our experts are experienced in the operation and repair of these pumps

Steam oil diffusion vacuum pumps, production of VAKMA, Kazan, Russia




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Steam oil diffusion vacuum pumps are imported are not fundamentally different from domestic.

Repair of these pumps is mainly in washing, replacement of seals, heaters, clean or replace cooling coils and proper packing. An example of a repair can be posmotret here

At the request of the Customer acceptance tests are conducted at our stand in the presence of representatives of the Customer. The tests consist in measuring the limiting residual pressure. At the request of the Customer acceptance can be produced by TRC of the Customer

Independently deliver the pump to us for repair and back to the Customer.


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