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Ремонт вакуумных насосов типа Рутс PVR (Италия)

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Vacuum pumps ROOTS production PVR

The principle of operation

Pumps series HV / BP belong to the class of rotary displacement units or just a roots blower. Two synchronously rotating towards each other of the rotor located in a common housing, separated by a strictly regulated gap. One of the rotors is driven by an electric motor, and the second is synchronized by means of special gears in the drive chamber. Due to the absence of any friction, these products can successfully operate at fairly high rpm to 3 thousand rpm do not generate large noise.Area lubrication of bearings isolated from the working chamber of the labyrinth seal, which prevents ingress of oil vapors to the fluid.


1. Advantages

1.1.Very wide capacity range: 500 - 37500 m3/h.

1.2.Durable and compact design.

1.3.Continuous operation, maximum reliability.

1.4.Minimal costs of operation.

1.5.The great interval between IT and service.

  1. Application

2.1.Various spray techniques.

2.2.The construction of melting furnaces in metallurgical production.


2.4.Devices for testing for leaks.

2.5.The production of pipes.

2.6.Vacuum drying.





The specialists of our enterprise "SPLAV" will perform a quality repair in a short time, vosstanovyat passport factory technical charcateristic vacuum pump will produce commissioning work.

                     PVR серии HV / BP

 Вакуумный  насос типа РУТС PVR

GMA 11,3 HV / BP GMA 11,4 HV / BP

GMA 12,5 HV / BP 

GMA 12,6 HV / BP  GMA 13.f7 HV / BP  GMA 13,8 HV / BP



PVR (Италия) серии HV ATEX


 Вакуумный  насос типа РУТС PVR

GMA / GLa 10,0 HV

GMA / GLa 10,1 HV           GMA / GLa 10,2 HV           GMA / GLa 11,3 HV       GMA / GLa 11,4 HV         GMA / GLa 12,5 HV           GMA / GLa 12,6 HV    GMA / GLa 13.f7 HV  GMA / GLa 13,8 HV   GMB / GLB HV 9,14    GMB / HV GLB 15:10 GMB / HV GLB 15:11   GMB / GLB 16.f13 HV GMB / GLB 16,13 HV   GMB 17,15 HV           GMB 18,17 HV           GMB 18,19 HV

 Vane pumps with direct engine running with a constant speed

 Вакуумный  насос типа РУТС PVR

GMc 17,15 HV

GMB 18,17 HV

GMA 19,19 HV

GMA 20,21 HV

                     PVR series Sm

 Вакуумный насос PVR серии Sm

GM 25 см

GM 35 см

GM 60 см

GM 90 см

GM 150 см


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